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HumberONE, is a boutique firm of inter-related individual Corporate entities providing distinct services for each other and third parties. HUMBER undertakes projects with a focused, professional approach and provides objectivity and a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients. We believe that trust is the foundation of success. Our professionals work zealously on behalf of clients to ensure that the confidence placed in us is respected and constantly reinforced. Using a hands-on approach, Humber undertakes all work in a cost effective manner and implement tailor-made solutions. Our client base range from the micro-business to SME’s, from medium size firms to large corporations. We serve both private and public enterprise.

Our History

HUMBER launched its first incorporated business in Providence, Rhode Island in 1985 as a real estate and financial brokerage firm with two staff members. As the world economy shifted and social and business environments moved to meet the ever changing technological advances, so did we. HUMBER evolved and has become a premier boutique firm providing a diverse range of business services covering a large spectrum of business disciplines. The core of our operation now revolves around Consulting and Advisory, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Financial, Business and Real Estate services.

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A great idea, executed brilliantly, and communicated in a way that is both intuitive and fully celebrates the magic of the initial concept.

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Commitment to Quality

We take the proper steps to ensure the highest quality possible the first time.

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Core Values

Creative thinking, Timely Response, Candid & Straightforward, Objective Advice.

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